Monday, June 14, 2004

The NBA Finals

I am so sick of all of these Lakers fan complaining about them not getting calls called. SUCK IT UP! The Pistons defense has been stiflling. A couple of weeks ago on the Dan Patrick Show, Commish. Stern said that the best final for the league would be Lakers vs. Lakers, meaning that its in the leagues best interest if LA wins, so stop saying that the league wants Detroit to win! They have taken the approach of let Kobe and Shaq score, but what can the rest of you do? So far the answer is nothing! If it wasnt for Kobe throwing up the three at the end of game 2, you would have been done. I give credit to my friend Jeremy who actually had enough balls to pick Detroit before the beginning of the series. Personally, I chose the Lakers in 5, but boy was I wrong. That is all for now, dinner calls then maybe study for some of my finals.


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